True Personal Stories

If you don’t know how to survive when the law ain’t there to help, read some of these little stories. They’re all from my past. Go back and read ‘About Me‘ before you do. You might get a better feel for my personality. You also might gain some confidence knowing that I’m the only one telling it to you straight, and that I can help you get through the Fall. Again, all of these stories and more are in my book, Doomsday Marauders.

There are lots of pretenders out there, and those ripping-off serious people concerned about having to survive after the collapse of society. They’ve never had any skin in the game. I have, and I’m trying to give you all the benefit of my life in some of the most hair-raising of circumstances. The lesson is, you can do it- it takes preparation, courage, and most of all,commitment. You can do it.

Click on the first story below, to explore- Read with caution, though, as some of this stuff is explicitly and intentionally violent. It’s a bad, bad world out there right now, but just wait til’ after the Fall-


  • The Girl From Ipanema
  • The Road To Leon’
  • The Belly of the Sexy Beast
  • Blackmail!
  • Rape and Murder in Liberia
  • Escape From the Bronx