September 22, 2016

Hello Folks,

My elderly mother lives in Uptown Charlotte, where all of the protests I’m watching on TV as I write this are occurring. I’m white, she’s white, I’m worried about her safety. She is the sweetest woman on the planet (maybe I’m not really genetically her son!) who does not judge people by color, even though she grew up in an era where people did. She called me and said that for the first time in 30 years she’s been threatened and cursed at and she’s scared. I’m flying to Charlotte from London today, to bring her to my home in California.

500 mostly black young men have been murdered in Chicago this year. Where are the protests? A black man pulls a gun from an ankle holster on cops in Charlotte, gets shot (as he should) and the world is out of control, and my elderly 84 year old mom is targeted by young blacks?


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Yeah, looting is the right way for me to feel sympathetic to your plight.



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Beating up a young white couple too.

This is all a result of the liberal democratic “all whites are racist” bullshit that Hillary and Obama espouse and the black lies matter bullshit they support. Trust me, I will unleash in the dogs of war if anything happens to her before i get there.


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