September 21, 2016

Hello Folks,

Well, I’m still vacationing, having been on the Queen Mary II, which is an awesome ship, now just hanging out in Europe for a little while longer again. Tough work. Anyway, I took notice of something in the news today that I wanted to bring to your attention. Before I do, however, I will preface this by saying that many of you  (including the intelligent ones and the Russian babe) have accused me many times of being a conspiracy theorist. Well, I would say you were correct but when it’s no longer a theory but a true conspiracy, then I’m right!

Anyway, it was made known today that former president George Herbert Walker Bush (Bush senior, or Bush 41) says that he will vote for Hillary Clinton. Now we all know that Trump beat the shit out of his son in the primaries; but Hillary’s husband, Bill, beat the shit out of HIM in the 1992 election. So why vote for the wife of the guy who kicked your ass? Because, as you conspiracy theorists believe, it’s about something much, much bigger- I will explain, in a minute, but look below and think hard about it-




Future presidents Bill Clinton (D) and George Bush (R) with Governor George Wallace (D) at a BBQ in 1983.

Future presidents Bill Clinton (D) and George Bush (R) with Governor George Wallace (D) at a BBQ in 1983.


Is this a creepy photo or what?

So, is this just coincidence? This is an actual photo. Bush was VP at the time, little boy Clinton was governor of Arkansas, and Wallace was about to begin his third term as governor of Alabama.  A very undemocratic Reagan administration, the liberal crooked arkansas machine boss, and the biggest segregationist politician of his era- all together at Bush’s place in Maine- Still think this shit isn’t all pre-ordained?

The only thing that stops this global criminal organization is We The People. Somebody shot up Wallace, which is why he didn’t make President. The other two did. Trump is an outsider they didn’t take seriously, but now he’s got a real shot at it. We The People need to vote for him to rid ourselves of the “Establishment Republicans” who are really democrats, and part of the global world order. No bullshit here. If Trump loses, our country will crater quicker than shit. The fall of civilization is upon us, I’m afraid-



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