October 10, 2016

Hello Folks,

Apologies for my long absence- I’ve been busy on so many fronts it’s almost impossible to keep it all straight sometimes…


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Anyway, we are exactly 4 weeks out from the election as I write this. This election, by any measure, is a watershed election: If we lose it, there will be at least two, two Supreme Court Judges appointed by the Liberal Democrats. That will mean 6-3 majorities for unconstitutional liberal policies. I care about jobs, of course, and I care about defeating ISIS. But this election is about the long-term viability of the United States as a Constitutional Republic!

The District Appellate Courts have held up what would appear to be, looking from the outside, two contradictory Constitutional precedents. If you’re an insider, however, you might believe it’s part of a Greater Plan. I do.

 First, the right to object to baking a cake for a gay wedding on Religious grounds. As I’ve written before, I don’t give a shit if you’re gay, just don’t shove your (agenda) down my throat- A couple in Oregon lost the case, was forced to pay $135,000 to the gay couple AND was forced to close their business- I’d have baked them the goddamned cake and pissed inside it-

Contrast this with the two muslim guys who refused to deliver alcohol for a trucking company- their suit was UPHELD ON RELIGIOUS GROUNDS! Star Transport was ordered to pay them $240,000! Really?!  Which ruling is correct? It doesn’t matter to the Liberal Left; it’s all part of their agenda to reduce the US to a third world country- We The People and the Founding Fathers be damned!


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Next up, our right to bear arms- make no mistake you all, they’re not talking about closing the gun show background check loophole; they want to make it all but impossible for us to either comply with regulation or actually afford to own guns, and to make it a crime if we choose to defend ourselves from asshole criminals with them. Disarming the populace is their secondary objective, so they can achieve their primary one. Destroy Religion, disarm the populace, and you get this:


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It’s not hard to understand why the Framers put freedom of expression first, then the right to bear arms next, so that We The People could defend #1 !!!  We must keep both in place. Freedom of speech is already almost gone. Political correctness has run amok, individuals lose their jobs for speaking their minds, we go to jail for upholding our religious beliefs. God forbid we show a handgun.


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I’ve had enough of this bullshit. We need to stay tight, stay strong, stay on message. This is still America, Dammit! RISE UP!


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