My Mission

My name is Kilkenny, and I wrote the book Doomsday Marauders to challenge and counter all of the propaganda written and advertised out there about surviving doomsday, a fall of civilized society, any disintegration into lawlessness or any other kind of apocalyptic event. I intend to convince anyone smart enough to listen that they’ve got it all wrong. Dangerously so.

If you think that by following the advice from anyone on shows like Doomsday Preppers or Doomsday Castle, you won’t last more than ten minutes after a fall of society. That’s kid stuff- those shows have done more harm than good to anyone doing serious thinking about what to do, how to survive. Prepping is not the answer. Sure, you need to have some supplies on hand to get going, but the only real way to keep living, and thriving, is by looking for what you need and then taking it. Everybody else out there will be doing, or trying, the same thing. I’ll show you how- Why me? Because I’m the real thing, the original Marauder- Read “About Me” if you’re serious at all about this subject, or if you have any doubt.

For all of you Preppers- Think about it- not one single group of people in history has ever withstood a siege. History is littered with the millions of bodies of those who thought they could. From the siege of Masada through the Sieges of Paris and Stalingrad, the well-positioned, well-provisioned and well-armed defenders all lost. A more current example, closer to your own situation, would be the White farmers in Rhodesia. Ultimately overrun by larger numbers of poorly equipped, ridiculously poor, ignorant vagabonds. They were tortured and killed, women raped, bodies mutilated. The fact that they had relatively sophisticated defense arrangements, including land mines and radio systems, ultimately meant nothing. It’s not like they were up against Navy SEAL’s or Marines. They were brutally eliminated by bands of ignorant, savage criminals. The same thing is happening right now to the White farmers in South Africa. Do you think they were ignorant of what happened in Rhodesia? Of course not! They actually thought they had better defenses! But they’ve lost, again, badly! Women raped, men tortured, bodies mutilated.

Are you ready to deal with that? The end of civilized society as you know it, and subsequent descent into lawlessness, will not be pretty. It will be Hell.

I’m putting everything you need to know out there and up front. My book shows you how you might survive, even thrive after the Fall. There’s only one way, by being a Marauder. Throughout this website I begin to describe what you will face, how you should handle it, and what you will need to do it. My book, of course, goes into greater detail. This doesn’t mean just grabbing a gun and ripping off those idiots on “Doomsday Preppers,” or even a simple challenging of the significantly more dangerous, mindless bands of raiders and looters taking stuff and attacking at gunpoint, as I encountered in Liberia and Sierra Leone. I’m talking about professional, systematic and organized operations, many occurring simultaneously, designed to take from others what you need, when you need it. Does this sound harsh to you? Then wake the hell up! In that new world out there they will be coming for you, make no mistake. They will be coming for you and they will find you. They will shoot your dog. They will brutally rape your wife and your daughters. They will burn down your home. They will kill you. You want that? You think because you bought an AR-15 and a 9mm that you can actually stop them?

There’s only one way to survive. You might be able to beat them, but you’ll need to go out and get them first. I will show you how. Read “About Me.