March 4, 2017

Well Folks,

‘I’ve been away, I know, for a while, fighting copyright infringement suits, charges from the Feds regarding “Hate Speech” (against muslims!?!) and threats against my family. Now it’s done. I’ve settled the scores on every front. Now I’m back, and I’m ready to start it all up again! Let the games begin again!

Here we go!!!

I was heartened when Trump was elected, that there might still be enough Americans left that had the brains to correct this country through the rule of law. As I write this, however, our country is as close to anarchy as it’s ever been during my existence upon this earth. The Dark State, the liberal elites, the corrupt socialist mafia Media, and now, former president Obama, have conspired, and are continuing to conspire, to bring down a duly elected, sitting President.

Not only was the Clinton Criminal Cartel allowed to operate freely during the Obama regime, but now it appears, in Watergate style, the Obama and his minions wire-tapped the president-elect Trump’s campaign headquarters, the Trump Tower, in efforts to try and dig up information that would disqualify him from the presidency. This is unheard of.

If this is true, a digital Watergate, the former president has to be charged with something. I don’t know what, but something. Those charges, whatever they are, will cause the liberal mafia media elite to revolt, and sure as shit Folks, they will agitate the black lives (don’t)matter retards, call on George Soros’ stepford wives, and force every illegal alien, especially illegal muslims, out and into in the streets. There will be blood.

This story is breaking as I write this, so more to come…

But just to get us all going again…




The time is here, my friends. RISE UP! TAKE IT BACK!


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