March 22, 2017

Hello Folks,

Well, in the wake of another terrorist attack, and subsequent ISIS bullshit (below)


Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a women’s rights activist, raised in Somalia as a muslim, had her clit cut out, escaped, now has a Fatwa on her head, today criticized what she considered the “apologetic attitude” some liberals around the world have toward identifying the religious component to Islamic terrorism, calling that mindset “masochistic and stupid.”


She also said the following:

“Islamic terrorists don’t go to liberals and say thank you so much, we’ll stop terrorizing you because some on the left refuse to identify terrorism’s religious component. Islamists only seek a Sharia-compliant world, and whoever is in their way is their enemy. Anyone who does not understand that should not be legislating policy.”

I mean, really, this woman has endured more horror at the hands of everyday islam than most of us put together. Her family arranged to have her clit cut out! So for all of those retards out there who keep parroting “islam is the religion of peace, and most of them are peaceful” well, I don’t believe that, but even if it were true, why do you bend over so hard to protect these peaceful muslims, who cut their daughters’ clits out and torture then execute gays? Really? The stupidity is astounding!

The muslim Trojan horse is already inside the gates, my friends, and that Trojan horse is Religion. Muslims use America’s own right to freedom of religion against us! But the truth is, islam is not a religion, it’s a cult! Cults that torture and murder have no protection under the bill of rights! We need to step up this argument!

Any idiot retarded asshole out there who believes in Sharia, which means believing in clit-cutting, honor killings, raping women who have been raped because they were raped, Fatwa, and death to gays, should be deported immediately! We shouldn’t be letting any more of these Neanderthals into the US!





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