Marauding 101

Upcoming Topics

In this section I will outline for everyone specific topics that are relevant to surviving, thriving and Marauding after the Fall. All of the topics I will put out from time to time are outlined in greater detail in my book, Doomsday Marauders. So if you can’t wait, you’ll be able to order the book here by the end of May. In the meantime, please check back soon for a look at some of the book’s content regarding skills necessary to survive the fall, as in how to:

  1. Win a Shootout
  2. Conduct Meaningful Reconnaissance
  3. Take Out a Well-Stocked and Well-Guarded Ranch
  4. Wreak Havoc on a “Prepper Colony”
  5. Operate effectively and comfortably at Night
  6. Escape Capture


What you’ll ultimately discover, and this runs counter to much of the advice you might receive out there, is that you cannot take a military approach! That will be a doomed strategy. The military is set-up to be re-supplied, and to take casualties in any firefight. You Cannot. If you take a casualty, any casualty, that’s a loss!