June 3, 2015

Hello Folks,

Apologies for my absence; there’s been an avalanche of business that needed to be taken care of, including lawsuits (again), death threats (again), the Feds and oh, my newest friends, the IRS-


Happy to say that Pandora’s box has been closed again, for now. Hopefully I can keep it buried in concrete under my driveway for a while. So with that happy news, I think it’s appropriate to filter through the mail pile again and see what we can come up with!


Kilkenny, you talk about Greece descending into anarchy once they default on their bailout from the rest of Europe. You’re such a dolt! If they don’t pay back $238 billion, they get to spend it on their own people! – William Geddes, NYC

Well, Billy, Greece has been given just about all of that $238 billion already– Where did it go? To line the pockets of the corrupt Greek officials! They don’t have money to pay to keep the government running, after an injection of $200 billion! How are they going to continue to pay salaries, pensions, provide police, healthcare, etc.? They won’t be able to. A Greek Tragedy.


Hey Kilkenny, you were such a phony! You thinking you’re some kinda fough intelectuall, with all your student of history crap. Anybody can look up guys on the internet and twist their words to make what you want them to say! – Peter Harkovitz, Salem, MA

Can any of you guys out there tell me what the Hell this guy is saying? Hey Peter, Read:


Mr. Kilkenny you are a Genius! You have nailed it in Baltimore, the situation in Argentina, and the upcoming anarchy in Greece. How did you get so Godamned smart! – Matt Kern, Dallas, TX

Do these guys read the same blog?! I love my audience! Well Matt, good genes. Tough upbringing. Hard Work. Great College. Risking my life.


No better school than life. Thanks for the compliment!

Okay you all, keeping it short, wanted to let you all know I’m still alive! Be back in a couple of days, hang in there’til I get back!




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