July 9, 2016


Hello Folks,

Well, I think it’s just about time for action, don’t you?

Five Dallas cops murdered by a black man. Where’s the outrage? Where’s the protests? Where’s the Justice Department? Where are the assholes at black lives matter, Al Sharpton or any of the other race-baiting, white people-hating black bigots of the black grievance industry?

Nowhere. Because they encourage racism! They don’t give a shit about anything other than getting more free stuff from Obama, and “Super Rights” under the Constitution, which means ordinary, law-abiding citizens shouldn’t say or do anything if blacks commit low-level crimes, loot, riot, etc. when they can, as a result of some perceived “wrong.”



Well I say, Bullshit! The Democrats and the Liberal Media have become so pussified about promoting blacks, black culture, etc. etc. that they are scared shitless to even criticize blacks when they’re out of control! They blame we White people, then go on a rant about taking away the 2nd Amendment again.


Political Cartoons by Dana Summers


Well here are the true facts, despite that fat ass Beyonce’ crying “Stop killing us!” Twat.

Cops killed twice as many whites as blacks in 2015. This comes from that Liberal Bastion, The Washington Post. Even they can’t lie about the stats. 50% of the fatalities were white, roughly 25% black and 25% Hispanic.



Some uninformed idiots might now argue something like “Well of course, Kilkenny you retard, whites are killed more because blacks only make up 12% of the population!” True. And that’s the goddamned problem! 12% of the population commits 62% of robberies, 45% of assaults, 63% of rapes, and 57% of all murders! Jesus Christ! Blacks are rapidly approaching muslim status!!


muslim rape cartoon



Okay sorry! I had an opening so I took it! Shoot me already!

The truth is, Black cops are 33% more likely to shoot a black male than White cops. Fact. Why is that? Is it because Blacks are more aggressive, as they are born with 15% more natural Testosterone than whites?




Jesus Christ! Her guns are as big as mine!

Or is the reason that Black cops know what black criminals are going to do, and when they’re going to do it, better than White cops do, so they shoot first?

I don’t know. All I know is that it’s time to take back our country. Between having to kiss muslim ass (Obama) to 12% of the population (blacks) controlling the other 88%, It’s Goddamn time.





RISE UP YOU ALL! Take it back!


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