August 31, 2016

Hello Folks,

I really didn’t feel compelled to write anything for another few days, but my mailbox has been bombarded with requests for my opinion regarding the behavior of Colin Kaepernick. So I will take time out from my extremely busy schedule, which currently involves packing for a transatlantic crossing with my lovely wife on the Queen Mary II next week, from New York to the UK, so this will be short, as, well, you know, vacationing takes a lot of time.

This is going to piss off many of you, but first, please read all the way through, and second, I really don’t give a shit.

Colin Kaepernick can sit, stand, take a shit, whatever, during the national anthem. That’s his right as an American. That’s what we fight for, what we fought for, what I continue to fight for. That’s his right, written into the Bill of Rights in the Constitution, devised by the greatest minds in History, our Founding Fathers.


That said, we all have the right to freedom of speech and expression as well. So I can say that Kaepernick is:

– a child

– a hypocrite

– an idiot

– a fucking asshole

We can boo him, write all the nastiest things we want about him, call him a mulatto (old school), a faggot, a piece of shit, whatever. And we’d be right. Throw empty paper cups at him. Challenge him to a fight and call him a pussy. Call him out in the media. Offer him tickets to Africa, as it must be less oppressive over there. That’s all our right as well. If he was my neighbor I would do everything within the law to make his life miserable. The SFPD should call off their security details. If he dials 911, well, tell him we can’t send the PD to his home because they don’t want to be accused of oppression. I don’t believe he should lose his job, as we are all entitled to our opinion, but the guys in the locker room don’t have to help him succeed, either. If I’m his left tackle, maybe I let a guy get through and nail his ass once in a while. Nothing wrong or illegal about that.

Nobody in the future will ever endorse this guy. Capitalism is unforgiving. Oh and the first game of the season is on the fifteenth anniversary of 9-11. If he sits on that day, pull the security detail off. See if he lives.


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