August 22, 2016

Hello Folks,

Yes, I’ve been away, yes I haven’t blogged, yes I’ve been out of touch, yes I’ve been enjoying summer on the French Riviera, and no I’m not sorry for any of it! You all need to get a life as well!!




Anyway, choosing a subject to blog about right now is extremely difficult as there are so many things that are so screwed-up on this planet, and especially where it counts, here in the grand ol’ USA- I don’t even know where or how to begin, from Obama and Iran’s drug-deal-type cash payment from the trunk (of a private jet) made to release hostages, to discovering that Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, worked and wrote for a radical Islamic newspaper for TEN YEARS that her mother still runs, whom Hillary supported, a rag that advocates female genital mutilation, death to gays, etc. This woman can end up in the White House… But the Liberal bullshit media buries these stories.



What has this country come to? Why do we defend radical muslims? Especially those who may have a say in policy for this country?!

I had a conversation today with the Russian babe (wife #2) about women and gays backing Hilary Clinton. How in good conscience could any female or gay person back any candidate who supports any culture that believes gays should be killed, women should have their clitoris cut out, non-islam-believers should be tortured, killed, etc.? She brought up a great point about eating at the adult’s table. We don’t let kids vote until they’re 18, or drink and buy ammo until they’re 21- this is because we in the USA view them pretty much as retards until then. Well, any culture that believes that gays should be killed, women are third-class citizens who should be stoned to death after they’re raped,


but men believe in rape as punishment – do not belong at the adult’s table. And that table is located in the USA. Clearly that culture is retarded. More likely prehistoric. Is Fred Flintstone in our future?



And before you Pollyannas out there start howling about religion, It’s not about religion! It’s about human rights for Christ’s sake! – But maybe it should be about religion! Christ was all about human rights. mohammed was for subjugation, torture, rape and death. Really?! Is there any contest at all? Jesus vs. mohammed, who do we prefer? Yet the Liberal media shits on Christianity, and calls islam the “religion of peace.” Well, any religion that denies basic human rights (not including rape, murder, honor killing, clit-cutting, etc.) has no place in this country. Period.





Personally, I’m not gay and I don’t appreciate the gay lobby shoving their agenda down my throat (pun intended), but I don’t believe they should be murdered either. And their money is as green as anybody else’s, so why not take it. And you know what? America was founded on my right to not give a shit about you or anybody else, and for my right to insult and offend with speech! There is no right, however, to kill those with whom you disagree. As much as you ( or I )  may want to.

 I also am not a woman, but I love women! I want them to dress as scantily as possible!





Cut their clits out? Really?!  I think of doing something else when I see this. muslims must truly prefer to fuck goats.





Okay, okay I’m gonna get a lot of nasty emails about this post. So what! The truth hurts some people. And make no mistake, everything I write is true. Go fact check it all of you dumbass liberal mongoloid retards (yes I actually wrote that). Get over it. The islamization of America is coming, if we elect Hillary. And if that happens, God help us. Civil war will follow…

Rise Up Dammit!



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