August 10, 2016

Hello Folks-

Well, I’m back from a few weeks over in Europe, so those of you who were whining, please stop with the “Where are you” emails-

This vacation was a big family thing, planned a very long time ago. Given the current state of the world, particularly the muslim migration and the onslaught of political correctness, I wasn’t sure what to expect or what I would encounter. Here are my few thoughts-

– Barcelona is as beautiful as ever, the girls just as gorgeous.

– I saw only a handful of muslim-types (burka-types). Maybe.

– The French Riviera is as gorgeous as I remember it. Just as expensive as well, which of course keeps the rabble out- Fortunately for me I have shit-tons of cash so I can actually hang out there.

– Bribes work better now than ever before; a loosening of morals, guess.

– Airport security, I’m afraid, has gone far downhill. I used to think that the Brits at Heathrow and the Germans at Frankfurt were the best, most professional security types. Sadly, in the name of diversity, at least one-third of the personnel in both countries were muslim women, in headscarfs, and full length body coverings, profiling many non-muslims; In fact, my blonde blonde blonde Russian wife and her two very white, young tall skinny boys were pulled out of line for inspection. Last I heard there’s never been a 50-ish Russian blonde blowing up airplanes. Somebody out there please correct me if I’m wrong. I do remember, however, almost strictly dark-haired muslim or muslim-looking men hijacking and/or crashing/blowing up/etc. airplanes. Again, somebody out there correct me if I’m wrong. So an attempt at diversity in foreign airports puts people of the very same persuasion as the types we’re trying to weed out, in somewhat reasonable position of control. Silly, don’t you think? Think about this for a second before the idiots out there start chiming in with the “You’re a racist!” bullshit. If ten witnesses to a murder in the U.S. said the murderer was a very tall, 30-ish, muscular white male, and then were put in front of a police lineup, would the lineup consist of short black females? Nope. I don’t think so. So why for Christ’s sake do we waste our time on 50-ish very blonde truly Russian-looking women? We all know why-

– In St. Tropez, because I had shit tons of cash and the French are bribed easily, I had the pleasure of paying up for the use of a private beach club. My family was given chairs, tables etc. on the beach directly behind a very well-known Russian “businessman.” I haven’t felt that safe in a long time. He had 5 undercover security guys that I could identify. Probably more. I told him I was thankful for his security as somebody always has it out for me! He laughed, and arranged to cover my bar bill. I think he just liked my lovely Russian wife-

So what does all of this mean? I don’t know, maybe nothing- In France, where they have a muslim problem, I hung out at the high-end places that muslim terrorists can’t afford to, so naturally I didn’t run into any. In Spain, well, I didn’t see many at all- I know they’re there, but they weren’t visible. Maybe that means something… Having muslims doing profile work at airports seems ludicrous. We know how that’s gonna turn out. Oh and I heard, but did not fact-check, that the terrorist-sympathizing muslim mayor of London has banned ads on city buses featuring girls in bikinis. If this is true, well, then it’s already started folks-

So now that I’m back, I’m overwhelmed by all of the political horseshit that this country can shovel out! I don’t even know where to begin!

I’ll just point out one thing in this first post-vacation-post: The Clintons.

The Clinton Foundation is the largest money-laundering machine in History. Hillary lied to the parents of our brave dead in Benghazi. Hillary and the DNC rigged her nomination. The DNC whistleblower was murdered. Wikileaks is saying that he was the one who gave them access to Hillary’s emails. Now he’s dead, like 30 others who’ve crossed the Clintons. Is America really ignorant enough to elect one the biggest gangsters EVER as president?

Let’s rise up and stop it!


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